Why don't I ever meet rural people in tech? Contrarian strategies for America's small towns. Plus, the romance of stagnation.
AI explains Startup Cities, interviews Jane Jacobs, pretends to be Karl Marx, and writes a hilarious film noir, a musical, a Simpsons episode, a…
McBasements, from parking to patios, Emergent Tokyo, agglomeration effects, remote work and housing prices, Africa's new cities, positive sum housing…
BuildCities.com co-founder Angelo Alessio on their new Web3 platform to connect – and eventually build – new communities on-chain.
A culture of serving the customers of cities must replace today's habit of blaming them.
The true story of when I met the mafia kingpin of Ghana's most infamous slum... and why we talked about Bitcoin.
Prompt hacking DALL-E to create cityscapes from music genres, philosophers, novelists, corporate brands, and other wild aesthetics.
Building lean, barriers to great urbanism, startup metrics for cities, a Startup Cities tech stack, the Network State, DAOs buying Land Banks, and much…
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