Transit experts Kyle Kirschling & Raymond Niles on homesteading beneath cities, abandoned tunnels, transit as real estate amenity, scaling prime locations, and the sordid history of trains in NYC.
Laotian Free Zone Gangsters with Go Carts, 3D Printing Rivalry, Zaha Hadid Metaverse City, Megaproject Phobia, RIP Christopher Alexander, and Backyard…
Crypto SEZs, Southwest Airlines, and Some Thoughts on "Governance Innovation" by Mimicry
Urbanism Lessons from Successful AI Models
Business Parks In Space, geographic arbitrage as a service, Próspera's $150 million crypto raise, Disney towns, ICON hits 2 bill, solarpunk charette…
Andrew Hitchcock on neighborhood DAOs, DeFi real estate, digital settlers, flying taxis, small windows, sweat equity, medieval walls with QR codes, and…
Tradurbanism, slums, theme parks, and the business of beautiful neighborhoods
Towards A Maxim and Measure for Startup City Success
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