This is interesting from a financing perspective for sure. I like the idea of coordinating capital / entrepreneurial energy into an area en masse. Feels like you could kick off development that's both at scale and decentralized (ie as much capital as a stadium project but made up of n different individual plans).

The upzoning bit is hard The folks sitting on this kind of land aren't often the main gatekeepers. Though is low / no growth areas, the promise of investment might be enough to negotiate reform with policy makers (and the political economy problems of a homeowner constituency might be less).

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Love it - this is where your point about DAOs being "aggregators of capital and creativity" can really shine. It would attract urban planning and architecture enthusiasts and I would bet they would come up with some very cool ideas.

If you wanted to take it further, the completed properties could be transferred to a REIDAO (Real Estate Investment DAO) and then run as an operating business with a nice yield. Those sales provide capital back to LandBankDAO to go do the same thing somewhere else and grow without excessive dilution.

Where do I sign up? 😂

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